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Also known as: Code of practice | Anleitung für die Praxis | Menettelyohje | Codice di buona pratica | 実施基準 | Kodeks postępowania, | Código de boas práticas | правило праксе, с јд | 规程


European Definitions

National Definitions


Best practice is a requirement of statutory policy. [1]


Praktik Terbaik (Best practice): Praktik-praktik yang sudah erlangsung di suatu satuan kerja dan telah dibuktikan dapat memberikan manfaat bagi satuan kerja, para pelaksananya dan berpotensi bermanfaat bagi satuan kerja lainnya. [2]


[HEALTH sector]Benchmarking: Het vergelijken van prestaties van organisaties met de (beste) prestaties in de branche. [3]

United Kingdom

Best practice involves making decisions based on knowledge of the research evidence, knowledge of the individual service user and their social context, knowledge of the service user’s own experience, and clinical judgement. [4]

United States

Best Practices are peer-validated techniques, procedures, and solutions that prove successful and are solidly grounded in actual experience in operations, training, and exercises. Exercise after action reports should identify lessons learned and highlight best practices. [5]

Standard Definition


Code of practice is a document that recommends practices or procedures for the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance or utilization of equipment, structures or products. [6]

Code de bonne pratique est une document qui recommande des pratiques ou des procédures en matière de conception, de fabrication, d'installation, d'entretien ou d'utilisation d'équipements, de structures ou de produits. [6]

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