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International Definitions


Defence in depth is implementing several layers of defence, including both administrative aspects (procedures, instructions, sanctions, access control rules, confidentiality rules) and technical aspects (multiple layers of protection together with measures for detection and delay) that adversaries would have to overcome or circumvent to achieve their objectives. [1]

Defence in depth is the combination of multiple layers of systems and measures that have to be overcome or circumvented before nuclear security is compromised.

National Definitions

Hong Kong

縱深防禦是利用多層次的資訊保安措施,以在單一保安組件發 生故障時作出保護。

Defence-in-Depth is the approach of using multiple layers of security to guard against failure of a single security component. [2]


Defense In-Depth is the approach of using multiple layers of security to guard against failure of a single security component. [3]


Defence in Depth (DID): The application of multiple security measures that span multiple domains (physical, personnel, technical, etc.) to protect an asset or data or system. [4]

United Arab Emirates

Defence in Depth: The strategy of forming layers of protection for an asset. [5]

United States

Defense-in-Depth is an information security strategy integrating people, technology, and operations capabilities to establish variable barriers across multiple layers and missions of the organization. [6]

Standard Definition


Defense-in-depth is the provision of multiple security protocols, especially in layers, with the intent to delay if not prevent an attack. [7]

Other definitions


Defense-in-depth: A principle for building systems stating that multiple defensive mechanisms at different layers of a system are usually more secure than a single layer of defense. [8]

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