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This refers to the definition of Critical Infrastructures and Critical Infrastructure Sectors by nations.

International Definitions


Critical Infrastructure which, if disrupted or destroyed, would have a serious impact on the health, safety, security or economic well-being of nations or the effective functioning of governments in EAPC nations. [1]

National Definitions


Nationale kritieke infrastructuur is kritieke infrastructuur op het Belgisch grondgebied waarvan de verstoring van de werking of de vernietiging een aanzienlijke weerslag in het land zou hebben. [2]

Infrastructure critique nationale: l'infrastructure critique située sur le territoire belge, dont l’interruption du fonctionnement ou la destruction aurait une incidence significative dans le pays. [3]

National critical infrastructure is critical infrastructure on Belgium territory of which disruption or destruction would have a significant impact on the nation. [4]


Nacionalne kritične infrastrukture su sustavi, mreže i objekti od nacionalne važnosti čiji prekid djelovanja ili prekid isporuke roba ili usluga može imati ozbiljne posljedice na nacionalnu sigurnost, zdravlje i živote ljudi, imovinu i okoliš, sigurnost i ekonomsku stabilnost i neprekidno funkcioniranje vlasti. [5]

National CI are the systems, networks and objects of national importance whose disruption in operation or interruption in the delivery of the goods can have serious consequences for national security, health and lives of people, property or environment, security and economic stability and continuous functioning of the government.


[Definição]Infraestrutura Crítica Nacional: A componente, sistema ou parte deste situado em território nacional que é essencial para a manutenção de funções vitais para a sociedade, a saúde, a segurança e o bem-estar económico ou social, e cuja perturbação ou destruição teria um impacto significativo, dada a impossibilidade de continuar a assegurar essas funções. [6]

South Africa

National critical information infrastructure means all ICT systems, data systems, data bases, networks (including people, buildings, facilities and processes), that are fundamental to the effective operation of the Republic. [7]

United Kingdom (UK)

The term Critical National Infrastructure is used.

United States

Military JP 3-28 (withdrawn definition)
National critical infrastructure and key assets (NCI&KA) are the infrastructure and assets vital to a nation’s security, governance, public health and safety, economy, and public confidence. [8]

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