Approval procedure

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Approval procedure

The approval procedure to start a CMM utilisation project has to be regarded from two main positions.

1) The mine owner operates the utilisation plant

2) A third party operates the utilisation plant

Timeline for project development

If the conditions for the project are clarified the planning of the Technical Procedure and the Emission Rights Procedure of the project may be started. These two procedures are processed in parallel.

As soon as the idea for the project has been created, the technical boundary conditions have to be checked at the mine first. Specific features have to be observed:

- CMM Quality

- Amount of CMM

- Availability of CMM

- Existing extraction systems

- Any demand for electricity and heat on the mine

- Surplus methane (The surplus of CMM can be burned without energy recovery to reduce greenhouse gas emissions)

The legal constructions for the project depend mainly on the kind of partners who set up the project. Often this process is lengthy at the beginning of the project, especially if some partners are not familiar with the new technologies or the complicated regulations for an emission reduction project. To create a successful project all partners should be aware of the conditions.

Mine owner operates utilisation plant

In this case the mine produces the CMM and utilises it. The products heat and power are consumed by the mine itself. So there will be no real contracting problem for providing fuel and product consumption.

Third party as operator

If a third party is operator of the utilisation installation there are import additional matter that should be regulated.

In this case, the utilised CMM is produced by a mine nearby. So there must be a delivery contract for CMM to the utilisation installation. Especially for CMM, a guarantee for quantity and quality of the gas cannot be given. The quality depends on the mining situation of the mine. There are big influences by:

- gas content in the digged coal

- quantity of coal production

- market for coal

- interruption of coal production due to technical failures

Selling of products

The result of the utilisation is to be sold to the customer. Depending on the local operating situation the planned delivery date can be changed because of missing fuel. All these factors have therefore to be taken into account when constructing a CMM project and related contracts.

Approval authorities in the different countries

Country Authority Adress WWW Mail
Germany Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) Alexanderstrasse 1 Berlin
Great Britain Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Area 2D. 3 Whitehall Place London
Kazakhstan Administration of President of Kazakhstan 102 office, 20 Abay Street Astana
Poland Ministry of the Environment 52/54 Wawelska St. Warsaw
Romania Ministry of Environment and Forests Libertatii Blvd. 12, Sector 5 Bucharest
Russia Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet) Novovagan'kovsky Street 12 Moscow
Ukraine State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine 35, Urytskogo Str. Kiev

More information about the national focal point and about the country are found here:

Standards regarding CMM technologies

Many standards that refer to technology, labour, gas handling are existing on both national and European level, for example

  • Atex directive
  • National standars for safe labour
  • Industrial regulations