Emission Rights Procedure

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The emissions right procedure contains 7 steps. Detail information you will find on the internet of UNFCCC http://unfccc.int . This side is always updated. All procedures and all projects can be found here.

Project check

Project check means: determine whether the project meets the conditions for an emissions project.

3 criteria must be examined.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions are avoided
  • The financial additionallity is fulfilled
  • Is a methodology for the project type available

Project design document

Every project needs a PDD (project design document). The type of document is given exactly by the UNFCCC. Every position of the document has to clarified between the partners of the project. So it is nessecary the fix all data before you set up this document. So prepare the PDD you you a lot of technical and organisation details. So you start perparing it after the technical design and after the completed contracts for the project.

Validation of the project by a DNA

An explanation from TÜV NORD CERT

During the validation, an operational entity like TÜV NORD CERT GmbH will analyse the project design document (PDD) and other associated documents and information. These include:

  • Project design

General project information, estimated emission reductions, technical features of the project, project implementation plan, sustainable development indicators and crediting period.

  • Baseline study

A study of factors used for estimating expected emissions without the project (the baseline emissions). Monitoring methodology and plan Description of frequency, responsibilities and methods for monitoring, measurements and calculations of GHG emission reductions, including a verification schedule.

The validation also includes background investigation and interviews with project participants and local stake-holders.

Letter or Approval

Every emission reduction project needs an approval by the parties involed. Every country has a national focal point which will check the submitted documents about the project. If all national requirements are fulfilled a Letter of Approval (LoA) will be issued.

An example for this LoA Example of a Letter of Approval

more information at http://jirulebook.org/3379



Final determination

Paragraph 35 of the JI guidelines stipulates: "The determination regarding a project design document shall be deemed final 45 days after the date on which the determination is made public, unless a Party involved in the project or three of the members of the Article 6 Supervisory Committee request a review by the Article 6 Supervisory Committee. If such a review is requested, the Article 6 Supervisory Committee shall finalize the review as soon as possible, but no later than six months or at the second meeting following the request for review. The Article 6 Supervisory Committee shall communicate its decision on the determination and the reasons for it to the project participants and the public. Its decision shall be final." As soon as the determination is final the project/bundle is displayed in this section.

A list of accredited independent entities (AIEs) http://ji.unfccc.int/AIEs/listIL.html

Project registration

After all this step and with the acceptance of the UNFCCC the project will be registrated at http://ji.unfccc.int/JI_Projects/DeterAndVerif/Verification/FinDet.html

Verification of emissions reductions

During operation of the project all necessary data have to be monitored to show the qantity of emisson reduction. Also all measurement equipment have to be proofed. After a periode of work a monitoring report have to be mede by the project partners.

This report and a site visit are a part of the work a accredited independent entitie (AIE)has to check to make a verification of the produced emission reduction. This report will be shown at http://ji.unfccc.int/JI_Projects/DeterAndVerif/Verif/index.html

After acceptance of the verification by UNFCCC an the homeland of the project the national authority will issue the ERU. This ERU can be sold on the market. ERU prices Dez. 2010 to 8.May 2012