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Definition and Origin

"Coalbed Methane (CBM) is methane contained in coal seams, and is often referred to as virgin coalbed methane, or coal seam gas" (EPA Climate Change Glossary of climate change terms). It refers to the methane gas found in coal deposits.

Coal Mine Methane (CMM) is the subset of CBM that is released from the coal seams during the process of coal mining. The CMM described and discussed in this Wiki is an anthropogenic emission.

CMM resources

CMM Ressource extracting possibility time of extracting CH4 - content
Active Mine Underground CMM extracting system during mining 25 % - 65 %
Surface borehole during and after mining 25 % - 95%
Surface ventilation borehole during mining < 4%
Abandoned Mine Degassing pipes and abandoned shafts post mining 25 % - 85 %
New boreholes into old gallery post mining 25 % - 85 %
Pre Mining (CBM) boreholes into unworked coal layers pre mining > 90 %

Qualities of CMM

A Glossary of terms prepared by a workgroup of "Methane to Markets" provides numerous of explanations to the special wording in CMM utilisation. Glossary-of-Terms CMM Terminology Final Web 7May2008.pdf