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In general the involved stakeholders are

  • Mining companies / Gas producers
  • Mining authorities (for permissions)
  • Investors
  • Power suppliers
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Suppliers of equipment
  • The local government (for permissions)
  • Independent Operational Entities (for project validation and verification)
  • Technology providers
  • Gas owner/seller
  • Expert on branch laws/regulation
  • Spezialized contractors and equipment vendors
  • Clients

The following table shows the main stakeholders in different countries.

Russia Ukraine Poland
Mining regulations Rostekhnadzor: The Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine State Mining Authority
Safety requirements National department of mining inspection and industrial safety of Ukraine National Labour Inspectorate
Environmental regulations Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine Ministry of Environment
Building permission National Architect Building Control Local State Authorities (depending on the type of town)
Energy regulations National Energy Inspection - Inspection of energy efficiency Energy Regulatory Office

Important for a successful implementation of a project are companies which have possibilies of financing as well as companies which have experience in implementing those projects or in used technologies, engineering, paperwork management and service providing.