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5 Steps of Technical procedure

Project idea - Technical procedure for project design and construction

After the idea for the project was created, the technical conditions have to be checked at the mine. Specific aspects have to be observed:

- CMM Quality

differend sources of extracted gas produce CMM with differend methane content. The quality of CMM is an important fact for the kind of utilisation.

- Amount of CMM

The amount of CMM is mainly determined by the gas content of the coal deposit and the dimension of mining.The gas content of coal seams are different. Therefore, the gas released amount varies depending on the mined coal seam. This fact is one of the important date for the capacity

- Availability of CMM

Coal seams are also present, which contain only little gas, so the degassing system can be switched off completely during this mining time. All release methane is transported by teh ventilation air to the atmosphare.

- Existing extraction systems

- Any demand for electricity and heat on the mine

- surplus methane (The surplus of CMM can be burned without energy recovery to reduce greenhouse gas emissions)

Project development - organisation of the project conditions

- Installation place

After clarification of the project idea a place for the installation as to be found. The owner of the ground and the facilities in the surroundness have to accept the location. In some cases you have to take care of the noise production and the air pollution.

- Connection for feeding and products

The connection to the gas extraction point as be planned. Often there are special safety instruction to this connection. A controling for methane concentration is necessary to insure that only CMM with concentration higher than 25 % is routed to the utilisation.

The products heat and power must be feeded to the local grid. So the technical conditions mus be coordinated.

- Rules of project partners

Within the project are several partners. The project coordinator has to ensure all partners understand the project and know enough about the project.

- Financing

In this status of the project the financial Requirements should be known. The time schedule for the payment must be set up and the financial planning must include this project.

- Start of project execution

After completion of the steps above all partner should agree the execution of the project.

Legal approval - Permissons, certificates and legal documents

To operate a CMM utilisation you need a permission of the relevant intitutions. Every country may have different requirements for the utilisation plant. So it could be necessary to change some technical details in the installations.

Certificates are a special problem, because often these utilisations are not usual at coal mines. The following table shows responsible authorities for different approval aspects:

Russia Ukraine Poland
Mining regulations Rostekhnadzor: The Federal Srervice for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine State Mining Authority
Safety requirements National department of mining inspection and industrial safety of Ukraine National Labour Inspectorate
Environmental regulations Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine Ministry of Environment
Building permission National Architect Building Control Local State Authorities (depending on the type of town)
Energy regulations National Energy Inspection - Inspection of energy efficiency Energy Regulatory Office

Project installation - Detail ingeneering, obtaining offers, odering, installtion

If the needed permission ase issued the detail ingeneering muss be completed. The Offers for all components and services has to be obtained. Technical details must be claryfied with the supplier. The oders must be given be given. A timeschedule for the work includes the delivery time and the construction periode.

Project operation - test of components, test of controlsystem, initial opreration, operation

After finishing the installaion the main or important components should be tested if possiblee. A signal check for the control system is very important and have to done for all signals. During the initial operation experts for the whole system and eventual also for special components should be present during this time.