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What is epSOS? The answer to this question depends on the viewpoint and the expectations of the stakeholder:

  • From a regulatory viewpoint epSOS is a legal, technical and organizational blueprint for medical care processes that cross European borders.
  • From a medical doctor’s viewpoint epSOS is a medical document framework for encoding, transcoding and processing foreign patients’ medical data in order to serve use case specific information needs.
  • From an IT architects viewpoint epSOS is a document sharing platform that provides means for sending and fetching medical data across borders.

Each of these answers implies an epSOS architecture and design on its own. This holds the more as epSOS indeed is as well a blueprint as a framework or a platform.

This wiki provides a specification of epSOS that serves all the above viewpoints. It defines the conceptual blueprint for connecting existing healthcare-IT services; it introduces the epSOS semantic framework that paves the way down from an information need to making the respective data available and usable; and it specifies a layered platform of standards-based business, security and messaging services.


The keywords MUST, SHOULD, MAY, SHOULD NOT, and MUST NOT are used as defined in RFC 2119.

epSOS ECCF Artifact Matrix

In order to serve these multiple viewpoints this wiki uses the notion of an artifact as a single piece of information that describes a certain dynamic or static characteristic of an epSOS conceptual, logical or technical building block from a certain perspective. Characteristics and perspectives can be organized as a matrix where each field of the matrix covers a certain characteristic from a certain perspective. The matrix used for this wiki is derived from the SAIF-Enterprise Conformance and Compliance Framework (ECCF).

epSOS ECCF Enterprise Dimension
"Why" - Policy
Information Dimension
"What" - Content
Computational Dimension
"How" - Behavior
Conceptual Perspective
Logical Perspective
Implementable Perspective

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epSOS D3.A.3 Original Document

epSOS Design Methodology